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This is the image of Tinh Thuc Restaurant, a vegetarian buffet with a total of 200 vegetarian options in Hanoi. They have a buffet of 40 dishes for vegan and good food for veggie dishes!


Have tickets for you to eat in mode to reduce weight, or to stop eating salty. A month tag, you will be eating vegetarian buffet 2 meals / day / 1 month. Please refer to it!

This is the address:
10 Nguyen Hong –
Huynh Thuc Khang crossroads – Ba Dinh – Hanoi


Đây có thể hotline

Opening hours: Noon 11:00 -> 14:30
Afternoon 17:00 -> 21:30

Tickets are: 99k / adult, 50k / child, free / under 3 years (Dinner for one session)


  • Have you delicious mouth! ☺️
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